Dr. Jessica Vogelsang Dr. Jessica Vogelsang


Veterinarian and Author Dr. Jessica Vogelsang shares tips to help you breeze through summer travel with your pet.

Why should pets miss out on summer fun? It’s easier than ever to take Fido along on vacation.

Here are four tips for a doggone great trip:

Iphone with hotel booking app

Book accommodations ahead of time. Many hotels offer pet friendly rooms, but they can fill up fast.

two syringes

Update vaccines. No matter what your pet encounters on your trip, you want him protected against infectious diseases!

red dog leash

Prepare for warm weather. Pets should never be left alone in warm cars, so make sure your plans allow you to bring your pet with you during the daylight hours.

PetArmor plus Cat and Dog packages

Protect your pet against fleas and ticks. Using preventative products, like PetArmor® Plus, ensures they don't bring home these pesky bugs.

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